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Zyrous Teslasuit Demonstration and Innovation

Zyrous Teslasuit Demonstration and Innovation

Zyrous Presents The Ground-Breaking TESLASUIT At Singularity U In Perth

Zyrous is a supporter and driver of innovative technological solutions that push the boundaries of what is achievable with technology and software. Today, we are proud to present the TESLASUIT at Singularity U in Perth.

The suit is at the cutting edge of virtual reality (VR) capabilities with software inputs and outputs that allow for haptic feedback, climate control, and biometrics. Users can experience the feeling of physical exertion and touch sensation, exploring the possibilities of VR technology and augmenting human performance.

We are proud to contribute to an innovative technological solution that will make a huge real-world impact.

Zyrous is a digital-only organization that uses design thinking and a human-centred approach to create transformative digital products and software in Australia and around the globe.

The event, SingalarityU in Perth WA, performed an Australia first as part of the event by running the Teslasuit demonstration in conjunction with Somnium Space to demonstrate the use of the Teslasuit in a social Virtual Reality environment.

About the suit

State of the art wearable technology with sensor inputs and outputs that provides:

Haptic Feedback

From subtle touch sensations to feelings of physical exertion, users experience scenarios as though they’ve lived them.

Motion Capture

TESLASUIT captures actions as they’re performed to establish baselines, create programs, and track improvement over time


Embedded ECG and EDA sensors capture users vitals and emotional stress level, so trainees can prove their ability to perform under pressure.