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Maxmine and Zyrous Software Development Partnership

Maxmine and Zyrous Software Development Partnership

Zyrous is all about partnerships, and MaxMine is one we are excited to share. MaxMine is investing in a new product area, Short Interval Control (SIC) and have chosen Zyrous as a partner to design & develop this cutting-edge technology. Zyrous has helped drive a roadmap of user-led features that will help deliver key customer outcomes and improvements to complex mining challenges.

Zyrous has extensive experience in solving complex operational mining problems by applying a research-led product development methodology. Our goal is to see UX adopted as a higher-order priority in the mining sector.

Coert du Plessis CEO, MaxMine commented: “The MaxMine/Zyrous partnership is one of those great gems, where you get more out than you put in, and both teams learn and grow. We love the shared outcome focus, delivery accountability and ego-less teach-learn-teach iteration as we develop one of mining’s most challenging software areas – effective short interval control.”

Zyrous Managing Direct, David Daff commented: “The team at Zyrous are looking forward to evolving the design and development partnership with MaxMine to drive innovation forward in mining. MaxMine is a growing company providing valued solutions to mining. The MaxMine platform is able to drive high-value improvements within mining and working with partners will drive the mining sector to create highly-value products.”

The partnership aims to create a valuable uplift in performance for MaxMine clients by leveraging the strengths, synergies and capacities across each team, and working with a shared outcome focus. Stay tuned for more information about the outcomes of this revolutionary technology by visiting zyrous.com