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5 simple ways to ensure your website is converting leads and closing sales.

First Impressions Count! In most cases, your website is the first touchpoint and interaction that you will have with any potential and future clients. They will form an instant impression upon your business based on what they see within seconds and, at this point they generally decide whether to move forward or back away!

A great website has the effect of instilling confidence in your ability as a business to deliver, it establishes your credibility, builds trust with the user, and helps to generate leads and ultimately close the sale. A business with a good reputation is also expected to have a strong online reputation, people will analyse your business status by the quality of your website. There is no denying that your website will play an extremely vital role in weakening or strengthening your reputation as a business.

Don’t Forget The Practical Stuff.

A well designed and well-organised website is crucial to your success! Clients will be engaged quickly and be able to find the key information they are seeking, thus reducing the likelihood of abandonment. The correct placement of certain sections will lead to your clients having a great user experience. A couple of elements that you want to avoid are:

  • Slow load times, this is a real turn off for users who will quickly abandon a slow and sluggish site
  • Difficult to navigate and complex layouts
  • Pop-up ads
  • Text that is too small to read
  • Lacklustre colours or boring design


The key features you are wanting to achieve in your website is a clean, well-organised layout with a relatively common approach to layout. The user is visiting your site for a reason! They have a problem and they are hoping you can solve it, make it simple for them to see clearly see how you can facilitate this.

The Public Face To Your Products And Services.

Your website serves as the public face of your business and what you represent as a company. It portrays your values and core beliefs as an organisation. Users visiting your site don’t want the boring old copy they can get anywhere. Clients are smart and recognise the old burnt out traditional marketing copy delivered in a stuffy old-school manner. Clients want to engage in fresh new content that highlights what your business is really about. Content has to be relevant and clear, it’s also vital to get the message across of the problems they are looking to solve by providing the answers in an age-specific and problem-specific way. Be sure to provide answers to why they came looking for companies like yours in the first place.

Your website should strongly represent your business’ brand and tell your story! Remember perception is everything.

Converting Visitors Into Customers!

The whole point of having a website is to gain new clients and instil confidence in your ability to deliver what the clients want and deliver them value.

Here are a few hints and tips to adhere to for your website in order to help you to secure new clients and provide lead conversions:

Navigation – Your website should flow intuitively encouraging the user to organically take the next step, providing buttons telling your user the way they should behave on your website. It is key to remove any challenges that users could encounter and thus preventing high abandonment rates.

Helpful content – Copy should be clear and concise, take away the guesswork from the visitors on your site by including clear content on what your business is offering, and make call-to-action features simple and direct. The more clear the message is the more conversion rates will increase.

Colour/ Attractive design – Use colours that are in alignment with your branding and that are also pleasing to the eye. A professional site will showcase an attractive design and content that is quick and easy to read with fast load time.

Regular Evaluation And Adjustment Of Your Business Website.

How does your website stack up? Are you meeting the needs and expectations of clients and visitors to your site? What value are you offering to visitors to your site? Does your messaging need adjusting?

These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself regarding your website. Ultimately your website’s job is to be converting visitors into clients and also to provide the right tone to match your business’ message. It is a representation of your offering and the anchor to which all new leads and existing clients can depend upon. Your website provides the platform to generate and close sales, which is essentially the backbone of your entire business.

Who We Are

Zyrous provide Design and Software development services that will include the research of your idea from ‘just a thought’ to a scaling product as your user base grows. With teams based in Perth, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we enjoy the process and creativity of turning ideas into validated concepts.

Chris Mihelic – Creative Director

About the author:

Chris loves designing beautiful things. He can interpret a project design brief and create a brand identity, guidelines, and framework as if he was part of the brand itself. Unsurprisingly, Chris is a perfectionist and doesn’t rest until design imagination becomes client satisfaction. He comes from the International Academy of Design & Technology and his global spirit is evident in his exacting design standards and raw talent.

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